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Hoosier Tire Midwest Track Service Calendar

Hoosier Tire Midwest services a number of events each weekend throughout our area. Listed are some of the events that we will service over the next few weeks. Additionally, we have a number of dealers who service events. If you would like to have more information about a certain track, what tires/compounds we recommend using there give us a call at one of our locations. We can also provide our dealers information if they are servicing an event in your area.

 Date(s)  Event  Location  Servicing Store
  Dec 12 - Dec 14   ALLGAIER SHOCKS Service Unit On Site   Gateway Nationals   Springfield
  Dec 14 - Dec 16   ALLGAIER SHOCKS Service Unit On Site   Gateway Dirt Nationals at the Dome   Springfield
  Jan 9 - Jan 13   ALLGAIER SHOCKS Service Unit On Site   Tulsa, OK. CHILI BOWL NATIONALS   Springfield


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